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DaCash Masternode VPS

± MN VPS Price/Year in DACAsh: INF DAC
Collateral Required per MN: 1000 DAC



Simple Steps/Instructions
Please Do Not Ever Send Us Your Private Keys
Also Never Send Us Your 1000 DAC Collateral

If You Want To Pay Using DACASH Then First Create An Account or Login And
Fund Your Wallet With Enough DACASH (± INF DAC **) To Complete Your Order
**Final Price In DAC will be shown at checkout time
DAC Price is live from CoinGecko DAC Price

Steps To Follow Before Ordering Your DACASH Masternode
1 – On Your DeskTop Wallet Create A New Receiving Address and Name It ezimn1 or ezimn2 etc (no spaces)
2 – From Inside Your DeskTop Wallet Send EXACTLY 1000 DAC To Yourself To the Address You Created In Step 1
3 – Wait For 16 Confirmations To Complete
4 – Now In Your Debug Console Type: masternode outputs and then hit Enter
5 – Save The OUTPUT Result As Your Will Need It To Complete Your MN Order
6 – Order Your 1st MN, at final checkout Step You Will Be Asked For The TX and Output From Step 5
7 – After Completing The Order You Will Receive An Email With The Final Step To Activate Your New MN
Note: The Final Step 7 Can Take Up To An Hour During Normal Business Hours (GMT)
Orders placed after 8pmGMT will be processed next morning by 8am

  1. ) Be Sure To Fund Your Favorite Wallet If You Are Going To Pay With Your Favorite Coin.)
  2. ) You Can Create Your Free Account Here Instantly To Access Your Favorite Coin Wallet.


Never Share Your Private Keys. Do Not Trust Services That Ask For Your Private Keys.
Do Your Own Research. Only Invest What You Can Afford To Lose.


Zero Deposit Fees, Zero Withdrawal Fees
Norma Network Fees Apply

DACASH MN ROI Calculator

Total Qualifying MN Count on Network
DACash Price in Satoshi
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