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Choose Your Favorite Coin

BrixCoin Masternode VPS

Brix Coin

Collateral: 1000 BRIX
12 Month VPS Cost: $75 R500.00
± Price in BRIX: 399.54337900 Brix
Available: 31 Available
Circulating Supply: 4456752.39974022
* Latest Price: $0.08760000 /BRIX
MN VPS's Sold: 19
MN's Enabled On The Network:
MN Reward Per Block:

* Latest Price From: EZIMN-X

Rapids Masternode VPS

Rapids Coin

Collateral: 10Million RPD
12 Month VPS Cost: $75 R500.00
± Price in RAPIDS: 399543.3790 RPD
Available: Available
Circulating Supply: 21829180300.2986
* Latest Price: $0.00008760 /RPD
MN VPS's Sold: 58
MN's Enabled On The Network:
MN Reward Per Block:
2140.4112 RPD

* Latest Price From: EZIMN-X

Before you get started, make sure you have enough coins in your desktop wallet for your masternode collateral + transaction fees and enough coins to buy your masternode.

3 Easy Steps To Follow Before Placing Your EZIMN Order.

  1. Register Your Free Account Here.
  2. Add Enough Funds (Using Your Favorite Coins) To Your New Online Wallet.
  3. Setup Your Masternode Collateral On Your Desktop Wallet.

If you do not know how to do some of these steps then please visit our F.A.Q. Page Here.

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